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Crop to Kitchen

Sown, grown, delivered.

Our main supplier is Crop to Kitchen, a delivery service based in Maidenhead who supply fresh, high quality food boxes, including fruit, vegetables, dairy, meat & more!


Having only supplied to the hospitality industry, when lockdown became a reality, Crop to Kitchen rose to the challenge of adapting their business and expanding to home delivery boxes, providing premium quality foods to those who live in and around Maidenhead. 

With Crop to Kitchen's delivery boxes, customers can build their own order or choose a pre-selected box. Their products range from fruit and vegetables, to dairy and eggs, as well as new additions of Patty and Bun burger DIY kits, and La Tua fresh pasta. 

Freshly Picked Food

Like many, we have had to think on our feet. What was also important was that we helped the local farms and growers whose top produce was no longer needed by the trade. We wanted to avoid food waste and serve the community so they can enjoy great food at home.


Peter Codling, MD of Crop to Kitchen and Bedwin Bakes interview with Round and About  (read the full article here)